My First Smores + pics before we go to sleep!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009
Hello everyone!!i was supposed to upload the pics of my best friend's wedding make up,but the laptop cannot read the memorycard of my i have to reformat the memory stick.=( were gone..anyhuuu here are some pics that i took before we go to sleep,haha me and Mr R was twisting and turning in the bed while eating smores !!.so fun!! doing stuff with are some photos.(warning bare face!)

SMORES!!this is the first smore that i doesnt look good but it tasted good!!
eating this was really messy!! sticks to my hair chin cheeks!!.i had to take a shower after we ate.
so here is a photo of us!!!CUTE!!HE'S actually strangling me at that time haha.
goodnight ladies!!sweet dreams to everybody!!

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Jean said...

That is cute and now I really want a smore :).

pabo-licious. said...

whats smore? it look very sweet and fat-maker xD haha.. ur are so lovely ♥

Shobe said...

@jean-hehe smores are easy to make and easy to finish haha

@pabolicious-smore is made out of melted marshamallows chocolate and a craccker.soo good.

Pammy said...

the smores made me hungry.

and the two of you looks cute. :)

Anonymous said...

parang alam ko na kasunod nyan shobe lolz!! joke! hahaha

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