FOTD+Transformers revenge of the fallen ROCKS!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey hey there!!its still raining outside,today we went to The Block to watch the Transformers Movie and its really a must watch,if you love how the first transformers movie turned out,you will definitely love the action scenes in this one,i dont want to elaborate any further coz i dont want to be a tease..haha.but anyway here are some pics first.FOTD!!

i tried to pull out an orange e/s look.and it turned out to be fine..cant say thats its dramatic.
Check out my LIPS!!told yah i'd do the concealer thingy with my lipstick more often and look how great the color lwas.SO NUDE AND PINK!!

my out fit..Mr Doesnt know how to operate camera's really hate it when he doesnt count he just keeps on clicking the button..I HAVE THE RIGHT TO POSE!!


and my Favorite wafer snack!!haha eating while on the car!!!its loacker love it since i was 13 y/0
okay so before anything else,of course we bought tickets first,and its freakin crowded..i forgot that its the first day that transformers2 will be on the big screen..good thing Mr R. do not like crowds and opted for the reserved seats...WE GOT 2 Free donuts as well!!!we've got an hour to wait.

so,rather than waiting..we walked,look for some place where we can eat we bumped into auntie aunts..I LOVE their pretzels!!!but i am not in the mood to eat them today

so i insist that we should go for KFC!!haha good ol likey their Krushers in banana strawberry yoghurt..(who the hell is that kid?haha)

doesnt want to look at the camera..?
after that we went to wham to buy us some burgers to chow inside the cinema.i hate my burger its not well cooked blah..usually we wait for 20 mins for our burgers to cook but..not today!!we only waited for 10 mins haha
after that we went inside the cinema and this guard lady confiscated my camera..haha of course since its policy...i let them kept it,not because its for them to keep,its just not allowed inside the cinema since this is a premiere movie.
After the LONG MOVIE!!4 05 pm-7pm) we went to dairy queen and bought us some ice cream..yeah you notice it too?i do eat a lot..haha.I mean WE do eat a lot,its what me and Mr R enjoys the most,he once told me that "You should never be cheap when it comes to food"..anyway see their slogan? SERVED UPSIDE DOWN OR ITS FREE!.haha weird..i got banana strawberry again.YUMMY
and here's us saying GOOD DAY!and WATCH TRANSFORMERS,great to watch if you have youre family with yah too..haha have a nice day guys!!

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DarlingV said...

I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT! You look so cute!

gracie said...

hi girl, ask ko lang how much yung ticket??? plan to watch din kasi

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i was also supposed to watch it today but it was raining so i wasn't able to go to SM North

Ida said...

you saw transformers2 already! my hubby and i are really excited to see it too :) orange looks good on your eyes and i like the lips! :)

Mrs.Zeus said...

Beautiful!!! Love your lip shade!

what is it?

mszcheysser said...

Hmph. I'm jealous! Your pictures made me want a blizzard! & I like the background, I miss the Philippines!

I love Transformer. OH MY!! *Drools.

I loved the twin robots. Hahaha!

Shobe said...

@Mrs Zeus-hello its maybelline light berry dab with little bit of concealer haha.

@gracie-its 172 pesos dear.

@mzcheysser-TWINS ROCKS DONT MESS with them haha

donnarence said...

i like your e/s here.. ano gamit mo??

Anonymous said...

yun nail polish shobe sa index finger nawala haha sorry masyadong mausisa.. buti ka pa kayo ni hubby waaa am jealous too hahaha

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