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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Cheap beauty tips:

1.if you dont have any eye primers like UDPP or TFSI or u cant get your hands on Monistat,you can use foundation to your eyes,it helps the eyeshadow to stick longer and appear vibrant.
2.use petroleum jelly to remove eye makeups it can even remove waterproof mascaras,it works and its CHEAP
3.Liner your deep eyes with a brighter shade of eyeliner it will definitely emphasize your eyes.
4.For day time. eye shadow should match your eyes or be one shade lighter
5.After using a pencil eyeliner you can top it off with an eyeshadow of the same shade to seal it.

1.If you're looking for a quick, yet gorgeous makup look on the run, I suggest a multi-purpose blush stick. It's used as an eye shadow, blush and lipstick. It feels so smooth and natural and looks fantastic. I like to mix it with white eye shadow while applying to my eyes in order for my eyes to really pop
2.Always always always use a moisturizer with spf,even if you have an oily face like mine,coz your face tends to get oilier when its not moisturized.
3.for a natural glow instead of using powder blushes you can go for the liquid blush for a more natural flush look
4.Never leave makeup when you are about to sleep even if its organic or claimed that you can wear it at your sleep..its still make up it will clog pores and suffocates the skin.
5.dont wash your face after you wake up,you will only wash away your natural skin oils,might as well splash your face with a water but dont use soaps.

1.if you have a very pigmented lipstick in your stash you can pale it out by using a concealer when applying it on your lips.
2.use lip liner to make your lipstick last longer
3.never skip lipbalms it does not only moisturized the lips but makes your lippie last longer as well. can exfoliate ur lips and remove those nasty excess skin by gently brushing your lips. can use baking soda to exfoliate your lips as well,cheap but it works.

This is just some of my beauty tips hope some of this helps

4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

~tHiAmErE~ said...

thanks for entering my contest

great tips!
love the face tips

Pop Champagne said...

hehe I agree that for day time your eyeshadow should be more natural! Great tips :D

Ida said...

nice tips sis :) the eye tips especially are quite useful for me :)

Sherry said...

good tips, 1st one very useful for me :)

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