4u2 wave blush(PEACH SHADE)

Friday, June 19, 2009
4u2 cosmetics has been around asia,and then it was introduced here in the philippines,distributed by bel-air(a new sprout american brand),its products are made in thailand but it was said to be a US brand.anyway i was walking through watsons and then i saw this stall that caught my eyes attention..it sounds new to me,and the SA was really nice,so i bought this blush from the wave blush line,they have 4 shades of this if im ot mistaken,i was supposed to get the baby pink shade but then,i was kinda scared of how bright it was,so i opted for this one

the packaging is simple,it not too big and not that small.

when opened.see how cute the blush' design is,its wavey!!3 different tones but same shade family.
close up!!at first i thought it was chalky,but when i applied it on my cheeks its creammmyy..

here are the swatches(top to bottom shade)it'll give you this peachy soft look.

the fourth swatch is when they are blended

applied on my face 3 shades blended
the blush cost 400++ i cant remember the exact price sorry.you can find it at some watsons outlet,the 4u2 line also carries very pigmented e/s..

Now the staying power,as you all know i have OILY to VERY OILY skin type haha,is there such thing..makeups doesnt last too long on my face even if its a high end product,so to make it short the staying power is so so..it stays for up to 3-5 hours on my skin when i have my mattifier and primers on,in an airconditioned room.its pigmented so you dont have to swipe a lot.you can use the top shade as a highlighter the middle as the blush and the bottom to contour,or you can blend the three shades.

SO overall i like this one.its cheap but its worth it.i can manage retouching.

and thats it if you have any question just leave a comment.thanks

8 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Mrs.Zeus said...

Great shade! Am currently hunting for the perfect coral blush.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

it looks great on you,girl!
maybe ill check 4u2 sa susunod

Kaz said...

The Fish is always in your posts, HAHA! I bet you can use this as e/s too.

I have very, very oily skin too. I keep using oil blotters to the point na my makeup would eventually fade away.

Angie said...

Peach blush! I'm SUPER tempted to buy one now! XD

This product kinda reminds me of Body Shop's Shimmer Waves.

-Yu- said...

The stuff fish is cute! I love the blush design! The colors are exactly what i am searching for. A peachy pink rather than all pink. It looks absolutely lovely.

Askmewhats said...

such a nice peachy color :) :) :)

KRYSTAL said...

i love peachy blushes! =]

Pammy said...

the blush looks pretty. too bad peach blushes look muddy on me. but it looks good on you. ;)

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