Best Beauty tips there is!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Cheap beauty tips:

1.if you dont have any eye primers like UDPP or TFSI or u cant get your hands on Monistat,you can use foundation to your eyes,it helps the eyeshadow to stick longer and appear vibrant.
2.use petroleum jelly to remove eye makeups it can even remove waterproof mascaras,it works and its CHEAP
3.Liner your deep eyes with a brighter shade of eyeliner it will definitely emphasize your eyes.
4.For day time. eye shadow should match your eyes or be one shade lighter
5.After using a pencil eyeliner you can top it off with an eyeshadow of the same shade to seal it.

1.If you're looking for a quick, yet gorgeous makup look on the run, I suggest a multi-purpose blush stick. It's used as an eye shadow, blush and lipstick. It feels so smooth and natural and looks fantastic. I like to mix it with white eye shadow while applying to my eyes in order for my eyes to really pop
2.Always always always use a moisturizer with spf,even if you have an oily face like mine,coz your face tends to get oilier when its not moisturized.
3.for a natural glow instead of using powder blushes you can go for the liquid blush for a more natural flush look
4.Never leave makeup when you are about to sleep even if its organic or claimed that you can wear it at your sleep..its still make up it will clog pores and suffocates the skin.
5.dont wash your face after you wake up,you will only wash away your natural skin oils,might as well splash your face with a water but dont use soaps.

1.if you have a very pigmented lipstick in your stash you can pale it out by using a concealer when applying it on your lips.
2.use lip liner to make your lipstick last longer
3.never skip lipbalms it does not only moisturized the lips but makes your lippie last longer as well. can exfoliate ur lips and remove those nasty excess skin by gently brushing your lips. can use baking soda to exfoliate your lips as well,cheap but it works.

This is just some of my beauty tips hope some of this helps
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Product Review:Flatana Skin Renewing BB Cream

Monday, June 29, 2009
Its been 2 days now,since i first used the bb cream,i can now give an initial review.Since this is my first full size BB cream i did not went for the expensive ones,but of course i made sure that its not just any other bb cream.First i just want to inform you that the weather in my country is very hot..not like the sahara dessert hot,but its not that weather where make up agrees to stay put.People like me who sweats a lot,has an oily face,and makeup melts easily,really have a hard time searching for a good mattifiers and a makeup who can combat the oils on our here goes:''

The box-the has says "Collagen Choc Extra" i did not understand what it meant but search the net and found something that is similar to what it meant.I found this on the net with this chocolate collagen facial mask product:

It has rich natural cocoa polyphenols and hydrolyzed protein, is able to compact skin and promote blood circulation as well as remove aging cells, making your skin to maintain flexibility and vitality, nourishing the dry skin, to remove any accumulation of dirt from hair follicles. And prevent aging and other many functions

the packaging it self.

now here is the language barrier part:anyone who can read this pls leave me a comment on what it says..=D

and this too.

so here is my bare anything on the face.
the product is not as thick as the skinfood BB creams,so its easy to spread and i only need a pea size amount to cover the whole face

i dab it on my cheeks nose forehead chin before i spread it

this is the after face:see how my face and neck color differs upon application?but thats ok BB cream tends to blend to your skin color after a few minutes of putting it on.

face after putting neutrogena fine fairness face powder
on natural lighting..dont mind those tires i took a pic on the garage.see how bright it is..its really really hot outside,you will surely form a sweat even when sitting.

face after putting on my you can see i am on my way to school haha.but before that we went to my mom's house to pick up Lil R.

i sweated a lot but what captures my attention the most is its OIL CONTROL!!.this one is the best..well i only tried 2 bb creams as of now,the first one is a sample size of skinfood mushroom bb cream.and the flatana bb cream really stands out in terms of oil control,to think that i have been complaining on how oily my face is,and that no makeup in this world can keep my oil at bay.But i stand corrected.see how matte my face is even after 3 hours.compared to my other photos in which my face were really oily after 2 hours of makeup application.

and here is my face after 7 hours of putting the bb cream on...see!!theres still no sign of major OILINESS,Just a smooth natural glow!.I LOVE IT!!in my face is a mixture of sweat and oil haha. eventhough it rained and it made the air really uncomfortable,it still gives me this fresh matte but not dull look.No reapplication,no oil control sheets,just left it as it is.

compared to this photo..i look really oily.this is just 2 hours after i applied my make up on.see the difference?


Really good at controlling OIL!!(i promise!)
offers me medium coverage.(for me its a pro since i dont have much to cover can be a con to others,)
Really evens out my skin tone
gives me this flawless natural no make up look
very light
no smell
affordable @ 60 ml

Medium coverage( A PRO FOR ME!)
Not locally available.they have a site its

so that is it,for now it did not broke me out.but i will update if there will be any change.good day everyone

EDIT:august 13 2009:this bb cream was good at controlling my oilies at first...but now the oil control was not as good as it was the first time i used it.darn...
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My First Smores + pics before we go to sleep!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009
Hello everyone!!i was supposed to upload the pics of my best friend's wedding make up,but the laptop cannot read the memorycard of my i have to reformat the memory stick.=( were gone..anyhuuu here are some pics that i took before we go to sleep,haha me and Mr R was twisting and turning in the bed while eating smores !!.so fun!! doing stuff with are some photos.(warning bare face!)

SMORES!!this is the first smore that i doesnt look good but it tasted good!!
eating this was really messy!! sticks to my hair chin cheeks!!.i had to take a shower after we ate.
so here is a photo of us!!!CUTE!!HE'S actually strangling me at that time haha.
goodnight ladies!!sweet dreams to everybody!!
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FOTD+Transformers revenge of the fallen ROCKS!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey hey there!!its still raining outside,today we went to The Block to watch the Transformers Movie and its really a must watch,if you love how the first transformers movie turned out,you will definitely love the action scenes in this one,i dont want to elaborate any further coz i dont want to be a tease..haha.but anyway here are some pics first.FOTD!!

i tried to pull out an orange e/s look.and it turned out to be fine..cant say thats its dramatic.
Check out my LIPS!!told yah i'd do the concealer thingy with my lipstick more often and look how great the color lwas.SO NUDE AND PINK!!

my out fit..Mr Doesnt know how to operate camera's really hate it when he doesnt count he just keeps on clicking the button..I HAVE THE RIGHT TO POSE!!


and my Favorite wafer snack!!haha eating while on the car!!!its loacker love it since i was 13 y/0
okay so before anything else,of course we bought tickets first,and its freakin crowded..i forgot that its the first day that transformers2 will be on the big screen..good thing Mr R. do not like crowds and opted for the reserved seats...WE GOT 2 Free donuts as well!!!we've got an hour to wait.

so,rather than waiting..we walked,look for some place where we can eat we bumped into auntie aunts..I LOVE their pretzels!!!but i am not in the mood to eat them today

so i insist that we should go for KFC!!haha good ol likey their Krushers in banana strawberry yoghurt..(who the hell is that kid?haha)

doesnt want to look at the camera..?
after that we went to wham to buy us some burgers to chow inside the cinema.i hate my burger its not well cooked blah..usually we wait for 20 mins for our burgers to cook but..not today!!we only waited for 10 mins haha
after that we went inside the cinema and this guard lady confiscated my camera..haha of course since its policy...i let them kept it,not because its for them to keep,its just not allowed inside the cinema since this is a premiere movie.
After the LONG MOVIE!!4 05 pm-7pm) we went to dairy queen and bought us some ice cream..yeah you notice it too?i do eat a lot..haha.I mean WE do eat a lot,its what me and Mr R enjoys the most,he once told me that "You should never be cheap when it comes to food"..anyway see their slogan? SERVED UPSIDE DOWN OR ITS FREE!.haha weird..i got banana strawberry again.YUMMY
and here's us saying GOOD DAY!and WATCH TRANSFORMERS,great to watch if you have youre family with yah too..haha have a nice day guys!!
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Random Questions--Answered.

Do you use photoshop?
  • No i dont,i like to use it but sadly i am not that good with computers and donwloading and stuff,so i will stick at paint and microsoft pics right now.
Why does youre eyeshadow color appears vibrant?
  • well i really dont know,what i do is i take a pic with lights off then i put this lamp infront of my face that is basically why most of my backgrounds are dark but my face pics appears vibrant.
Where do you edit youre blogspot site at youre pics?
  • i asked my cuz to make me a small name thingy and then she emailed me back with this attachment that i copy paste everytime i want to put it in my photo.
When did you gave birth?
  • when i was 19,i got pregnant at 18.
Why do you always go to the mall with youre family?
  • coz the mall is only 2-3 blocks away from our house and when we dont have anything else to do,we often go there(arcade) to let the time pass

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Product Review:Neutrogena Fine Fainess UV compact

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
hello ladies its pouring rain outside today,so instead of staring at the rain...while sighing at the same time,i thought that i should do something is a review on my HG powder/foundation.
the box,this is just my backup.the one that i am using is almost on its way to being extinct...actually it is..ill show u later.

the packaging.its just a simple silver non glossy case.

the shade is light beige#10.i really dont know how many shades they have,but everytime i buy this thing i can only see 2 shades that they shelf out.

when has this big mirror which i love,at first it is the only reason why i bought this one,i was torn between this and the maybelline angelfit,but since this one has a bigger mirror..neutrogena's mirror won me over.,it also have this sponge made out of latex i think,which u can wet if u want a thicker coverage or u can just apply it as it is..i havent try wetting the sponge coz i use this one for touch ups and school days+ days where i want a simple look only.

close up,the pressed powder has this covering,where u can flip sideways,it prevents the fall out of the powder from invading the mirror and making it blurry..clean wise.
product says:
This extraordinary powder formulation blends evenly with skin tone to hide imperfections for beautifully natural-looking coverage. Contains Vitamin C and Licorice Extract, plus sunscreens to help protect the skin against harmful UV rays and prevent the formation of sunspots. Immediately leaves your skin luminous and helps improve skin fairness every time you apply it. Hypo-allergenic. Fragrance-free. Non-comedogenic. Resistant to humidity, sweat and sebum (oil). Comes in Light Beige and Natural Beige shades

this is the product swiped at the back of my hands the upper part have the product the lower part bare skin(bad lighting)see the difference?i also swatched it on top of the blended product.
Now MY CLAIM:this product have been my HG powder since i was in highschool(senior year) so ive been using this for almost 4-5 years,and yes its good,i doesnt break me out,what i like about this is its non comodogenic,which means it wont clog my pores,it has spf 15 and vitc and licorice extract which slowly whitens and/or prevent dark spots formation.As i have said i am a very OILY person,and my face sweat a LOT.But even if i sweat a lot after a while i can still see that this one doesnt fade out totally on my face,it still gives me this non wasted look(FRESH!!),and evens out my face,but,yes it still fades for up to 3hours on me,but i cant blame the product coz its the only pressed powder that lasted that long on my face and gives me a nice finish.(YES EVEN MAC BLOT!cant stand the oily face of shobe),it doesnt cake on my skin,feels light as well,.It retails for 700php plus(14$ plus)

In almost all of my photos i am always oily right?,but still my face doesnt look tired and it still looks kinda fresh and somewhat bright.the picture below is a shot of me wearing the neutrogena after a few hours,i sweated a lot and you will definitely notice the oil on my face,but in this photo i already wiped it with a towel.i have this act in where i always wipe my face...i know its bad but...the fact that sweats takes over my face...NO WAY!!.haha WIPE!!
  • doesnt cake
  • feels light
  • u can wet the spong thus making the application thicker
  • It doesnt totally fades out after i sweat
  • has spf 15,vit and licorice extract
  • BIG MIRROR!!(you can see your whole face)
  • non comodogenic,fragrance free,hypo allergenic
  • doesnt break me out
  • cheap compared to mac(700php +)
  • brightens and evens out my skintone making me look fresh.
  • humidity and sebum resistant..hmm not that much
  • if youre not into the big compact packaging,then this is not for you.
  • i think they only have 2 shades..correct me if i am wrong.
EDIT:You can buy this in any neutrogena stand inside watsons

and i would like to show what my current neutrogena looks like after the smashing and bashing thing that Lil R did.

so that is it!!!good day everyone..what is your favorite face powder that you've been using for a long time now?..=D
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its soo late!!.haha i am still up and still kickin writing this post at 2 am!.i cant sleep..insomia?anyway i was running out of my favorite face soap ever!! so the other day i texted Ms.Veruca a reseller of cyleina soap,so we scheduled a meet up yesterday at 8pm,i really like this soap..its addictive..but before that here is another face of the day...

so being the early bird..haha,i decided to lurk the mall premises,i saw this cute wallet with this kawaii girl on.CUTEE!!!!

and this cute pouch,its small coz its for your cellphone

and the soaps.BLACK PEARL.(LOVEIT)and PGM(for my Mr R.)

Oh and i tried this thing in were i put my lipbalm then dab a small amount of concealer to neutralize or to make ur uber pigmented lipstick i tried that using my maybelling light berry and i love the result:NUDE PINK!!!i have a lot of pigmented pink to red lippie so i thnk ill do this more often.

My promise is still intact..didnt buy any makeup related products...fighting temptation...wooo.
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Monday, June 22, 2009
this award was given to me by 2 bloggers namely Martha and Thiamere. Thank you both!!! for this award such a nice thing to do,i love this award cute pink with a white fluffy blob.haha
okay i cant think of any blogger who doesnt have this award yet...PAUSE.
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4u2 wave blush(PEACH SHADE)

Friday, June 19, 2009
4u2 cosmetics has been around asia,and then it was introduced here in the philippines,distributed by bel-air(a new sprout american brand),its products are made in thailand but it was said to be a US brand.anyway i was walking through watsons and then i saw this stall that caught my eyes sounds new to me,and the SA was really nice,so i bought this blush from the wave blush line,they have 4 shades of this if im ot mistaken,i was supposed to get the baby pink shade but then,i was kinda scared of how bright it was,so i opted for this one

the packaging is simple,it not too big and not that small.

when opened.see how cute the blush' design is,its wavey!!3 different tones but same shade family.
close up!!at first i thought it was chalky,but when i applied it on my cheeks its creammmyy..

here are the swatches(top to bottom shade)it'll give you this peachy soft look.

the fourth swatch is when they are blended

applied on my face 3 shades blended
the blush cost 400++ i cant remember the exact price can find it at some watsons outlet,the 4u2 line also carries very pigmented e/s..

Now the staying power,as you all know i have OILY to VERY OILY skin type haha,is there such thing..makeups doesnt last too long on my face even if its a high end product,so to make it short the staying power is so stays for up to 3-5 hours on my skin when i have my mattifier and primers on,in an airconditioned room.its pigmented so you dont have to swipe a can use the top shade as a highlighter the middle as the blush and the bottom to contour,or you can blend the three shades.

SO overall i like this one.its cheap but its worth it.i can manage retouching.

and thats it if you have any question just leave a comment.thanks

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