A visit to ellana showroom

Friday, May 15, 2009
Hi!! i visited ELLANA's showroom this morning,because i want to try their lip and cheek tint,but before i start here is a shot of what i look like this morning..hehe.

And of course since i love taking photos of clouds i might as well post it..here it is..pretty calming...
The ellana's showroom is located at west ave,in the west city plaza bldg near bioessence and BDO,PSBank.Here is what the bldg looks like..

So getting back...its not my first time to visit them,so i know where they are located i cant remember the door number but i know its in fourth floor then turn right at the elevator,so when i looked at the door where they are supposed to be located,its not there!!the door has this label saying "airline blah blah"...(ooh ellana on the air..nice!!) haha.Then i went back and forth and still cant find the room,then as i turn on for one more time and noticed the girl who assisted me the first time i was there,she went into this room...Of course i followed her and then this is what i saw.

the lady in the pink dress is really pretty i dunno who she is but i think she is a SOMEONE at ellana.She greeted me and excused herself:she told me that they were still cleaning the place,yeah your right they moved!! haha but they are still in the same floor.
i went to the testers of course

i saw this pile of MMU lying around on the table..i want to put them all in my bag.AHAHAH(clepto much!?)
And this pretty poster as well..
I asked for the cheek tint,and they gave me ruby pink,it is their best seller..The SA told me that its good for oily skin as well(like me!) so yeah why not give it a try since it cheaper than my TBS lip and cheek tint.

yeah i love the look of make ups lying around all over the place..ahaha..
So here is what i bought..(yeah i only bought the lip/cheek tint)

At first i was having second thoughts,the color looks scary..its sooo red..but its not that scary when you blend it on.(review soon to follow)
SO there..Have you visited their showroom yet?HAVE A NICE DAY GUYS!!.

2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Ida said...

hi! recently found your blog :) that was a nice post. i really wanna go to the ellana showroom because i can't seem to find my foundation match w/ the samples i had shipped...but i live so far away. i'm curious about that cheek tint :)

The Vendor Mom said...

Wow, I'm glad I found your site at least now I have directions going to Ellana :) I just got my make-up primer today and Ms. Rowena Enriquez from Ellana was so nice to meet up with me just to hand me my Ellana makeup primer which I just ordered earlier today, sayang hindi ko naihabol un lip & cheek tint, i was contemplating pa kse coz I'm very loyal to my TBS brand but since my pocket couldn't agree with me anymore, I must switch to Ellana na and your review convinced me more now to make a switch :) Thanks girl!

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