To Have And To Hold

Monday, May 11, 2009
Jan 10, '09 12:23 PM
for everyone
have you evey wonder that the person who is always by yourside is the right person who really fits the silhouette of the MAN or are you just thinking that he is the right man for you so you just stop searching for someone who isnt going to show himself that easy.Coz lets accept the fact that right/true love is hard to find this days.That is why some of the ladies that we often see always have a piece of their heart missing,and guess why..because it's been shattered by some guy whom she thinks that he is the MAN.And the only living organism in this planet that can bring that missing piece is the ONE that magnifies the best standards of the man that we usually call our dream boy.But when you come to your senses..there's no such thing as a dreamBoy,yes there might be in movies,or you might have a dreamboy in the form of an actor lets say brad pitt,stop and PAUSE do we really think that he will just come and all will go smoothly...NAH.In a girls life mostly,some of us have experience the word "heartache/heartbroken" because finding the right guy doesnt have to fit that silhouette,he does not have to be a dream boy,all he have to do is stay with you through ups and downs despite the obstacles that both of you will encounter,because with both of you moving forward;both of you will foresee the intensity of that obstacle and find a way to get over it and someday,sometime you can say to yourself that "he may not be the silhouette or the so called dreamboy;but i can guarantee that he is TO HAVE AND TO HOLD FOREVER"

2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Pammy said...

i so love this post :)

Shobe said...

thank you sis

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