My Insight on Revlon colorstay mineral foundation

Monday, May 11, 2009
he product claims to stay for up to 16 hours,well im no make up professional but i can definitely say that,this cant be possible.i just received my revlon MMU product and tried it on me at exactly 12noon,although i did not went out ,i just put it on for the sole purpose of my curiosity about the staying power of it.But before that i just want to say something about the coverage of the revlon MMU
-truly it will give you medium coverage as that is what they say in the packaging.
-it looks really good on my skin,does not look like im wearing foundation and doesnt also feel like im wearing one.
-my skin looks flawless=D

eventhough that this is a mineral make up,this still contains PARABENS,which we(mineral make up users) all know should not be seen in the ingredients of Mineral makeup,because sticking to the name itself its MINERAL..
BISMUTH OXIDE-this ingredient irritates the skin of most user.

now lets go to the packaging:
i have read so many rants about the packaging of this product,maybe because of the brush + small mouth of the container.i tried using my everydayminerals flat top brush,and even thoughhow many times i tried squeezing it on;the brush still keeps on flying out off the container.and seems like if i keep on doing this it'll ruin the does looks like an elf hat dont yah think..?.okay getting back,they say that the brush that will only fit the container is the brush that is included in the packaging itself,BUT i found out that my BABY BUKI from ELLANA fits just as well,and compared to the brush in the packaging ellana is much bigger,thus offers much great coverage,and also the baby buki from Everydayminerals is A-OKAY to use.
The Brush is horrible,well its not the scratchiest brush that i have used but i mean its really small.where does the revlon think this brush should be used...eyes maybe... hehe i just used the brush to apply a powder concealer.=D

my thumb vs the brush size
resealable cap(a plus for the packaging,this will definitely prevent spillage)
when i put the recap on
So now the staying power,the product says that it will give normal to combination skin up to 16 hours of coverage,but for combination to oily skin they should apply primers to make it stay that long,my verdict:
16 hours not so true....although it did not stay for up to 16 hours long it is the longest foundation that has stayed on my very oily skin,it was almost gone like 9 hours after i put it on without PRIMER,and i just want to clear it out that i did not went outside,i just stayed at home(airconditioned).

over all i think that this is a good product GOOD not GREAT,it will be a GREAT product if they will change the packaging into a more consumer friendly packaging.
MY SHADE-030 light

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