My First Mineral Makeup experience(haul)

Monday, May 11, 2009
heard many good reviews about MMU,i started thinking if this is safe or not,but since im a kikay girl,i just cant ignore the reviews and needed to get one..FAST!.and so i scourge(wow drama) the internet to find locally made MMU..and then there was Ellana..i did not stop there i heard that you need good brushes for you to be able to get the right coverage and have that flawless look.So i bought EDM FT,Elianto brush set,and some eye brushes as well(got it from a co Gtalker),i also bought MAD minerals foundations and concealer so here is the pics:
i also got the very famous monistat and some freebies yey!!.i have the e/s (3rd pic) from estee i grind them and put them in a pill box.WHY you ask?hehe cause they are way too big to fit in my purse that's why.when i first used my EDM FT,i was like damn this is soft not just soft its soft soft soft no kidding i have seen so many reviews of EDM brushes all are good but the FT got the most applause.i never used my estee brushes again.I also have the ellana mini buki,its also soft,not scratchy at all unlike my other brushes back then,EDM and ellana are both vegan brushes,i think you know the pros and cons of synthetic and animal hair brushes.i told you that i have Elianto brush set right.? here's what i think of them:
BIG FACE BRUSH:SCRATCHY!!!!!!!not dense they bleed they shed.
BLUSH BRUSH:SCRATCHY!!!bleeder and also shed
e/s brushes:LIKE THEM!!they are soft and easy to use.i just hope that the big face brushes are this soft as well
others are so so:eyebrow brush,eyelash brush,sponge tip brush.i think i missed one or two item.So MY advice dont get them in sets.

SO getting back,i uber love my small MMU products,it may not be as big as other MMU users but im glad i have them.i was a make up enthusiast when i was a teen,i stopped when i gave birth,but then.. my love for Make up is starting to come back not just make up Mineral Make Up(MMU) it gives you advantages that normal make ups dont have,it's really nice that its not harsh on my are some 411 on MMU:

looks really natural, just like second skin
* non-pore clogging
* excellent coverage - imperfections just disappear like a dream
* excellent staying power
* versatile
* has correcting qualities (oil control, concealing, redness neutralizers, contouring shades )
* has NO EXPIRY DATE! (unless exposed to humidity)
* skin treatment friendly and will not interfere with dermatological treatments and problematic conditions such as acne and rosacea
* devoid of harsh chemicals and preservatives that we don't really need and cause further damage to the skin
* made of pure ingredients
* most of all, mineral makeup is something that I sure bet will help you boost self esteem, 100% guaranteed! You will feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when you wear mineral makeup

~GET YOUR MMU,TRY THEM YOU wiLL noT regRET them,Cause i did NOT!

im not endorsing MMU im just letting you know my own opinion and experience when i first tried it out.xiao HTH

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