My first ellana MMU

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jan 13, '09 10:15 AM
for everyone
well i finally visited ellana's showroom at west ave,at first i got lost becoz the direction my friend texted me was "its somewhere between the delmonte ave and west ave" of course i was confused becoz i wasnt able to visualize the place that she told me.Then i went just this afternoon ;my husband insisted to come with me,(i recon its not because he wanted to but becoz he was afraid ill go GAGA over the place trying to figure out where ellana is.Still sweet though=D) so there we was at the corner of delmonte and west ave as described,but WHERE'S ELLANA? we walked back and forth then we finally saw the building beside BDO.saw the name of ellana at the information.......FINALLY!!
TO sum it all up the showroom was very roomy,a couple of mirrors here and there of course i tested the product but i know what i want already..=D i asked if i could have a sample to be paired with the items i bought...I ONLY GOT A SMIRK FROM THE LADY i guess they are not allowed to give samples unless it was for shipping. but still i Am happy with my ellana products,BRushes are so SOFT i just hope its still as soft as i first bought it when i wash them tonight,the foundies..let just say i look flawless.hehe.really no kidding im not a MMU pro but this stuff really is a good buy.Not only you will get high quality of the MMU but you will get it cheap as well.For a student like me its a BIG HURRAH when i first heard the brand.Just visit ellana's showroom at 66 west ave st room 508 west city plaza.Im sure you will not regret your visit. xiao

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