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Monday, May 11, 2009
 finally got my own monistat anti chafing gel,this product is such a buzz:

this product is intended for inguinal area problems,but believe it or not this product is used by make up enthusiast as a face primer,because they found out that monistat contain same active ingredient as other face primer.And the best part is its way cheaper than other primers you can find.it's a great alternative for high end and expensive primers.

SECOND:Estee lauder
i like what i have here,the palettes are pigmented with safe shades.

the small apricot shimmering compact rouge was kinda messy(my son dipped his hands inside.).on the lower right is another e/s in pensil form and cream form,i like the pencil ones because its really vibrant when applied. the eyeliner with the smudger is for smoky eyes application because ahemm,not smudge proof(kaya nga may smudger e)hehe..the lipstick in rouge is a red shimmery lipstick goes so well with ladies night out.=D.nice packaging as well


yey.heheh i cant say anything that is against this picture.its cute that's what it is

i like them all,the pick me up concealer really covers up my dark circles,coz i have used many high end products but they dont blend with my skin that well..its a pinkish tone concealer great for brightening dull colored face.tinted silk gives you that sheen finish,its a bit grainy thought but its not noticeable,the 2 intensive foundation(golden medium,light),i did not open them yet,that means i dont know if they are my shades but im hoping one of them is.The Flat TOp Brush.....Believe what you hear and what you read,this is an amazing brush not scratchy no shedding,a must for the on the go touch ups coz its so handy..

Thats it ciao.

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