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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
hi again!!good day to everyone,i was looking at my drawer when i saw my hair products lying there,they so wanted to be notice,but i will only make PROCLAIM the star of the day since this is my HOLY GRAIL,hehe..anyway here are some of the products that i use to get thaty healthy hair shine.
(loreal white perfect not included haha)
(loreal studio line in hot straight and smooth perfect,beach hut hair scalp,proclaim)

first is my HG hair product which is the proclaim professional care with aloe,this is basically a spray on glosser and frizz eliminating shine spray.

it is a big bottle 355ml!

They claim to give frizzy and dull dry hair a silky healthy look with their unique silicone formula enriched with 5 natural oils . just as it says on the packaging(click to enlarge)

this is the product,its more of an oil,but not really oily when you applied it.(confusing!!)

this is my hair without proclaim

hair with proclaim on(see how it gives my hair a natural shine and tames my frizz)
i just used my hands on applying it did not even brushed my hair but still it looks nice eii?
its really a nice hair spray to have i have transferred some of the product into a small spritzer were i can bring it anywhere for hair emergencies=D.its not too oily for me,its not like the Vitress,since i find vitress oily and it does not give me a natural shine but it does make my hair looked like i just got out of the shower hair(dont like it) and my hair tends to get oily after a while of putting it on..So i will stick to proclaim..all i do is spray some of the product on my hands or directly onto my hair (not too much,a little goes a long way policy) and then i brush my hair to spread it evenly.It makes my hair soft as well.i really love this one,its cheappoooo as welll!!!


its an all in one hair spray.
its cheap
not too oily
will last you a long time
many benefits(click picture number 3)
no funky smell

The BAD:

not locally available(that is it)

if you have some relatives at the US you can just ask them.its cheap there i guess its no more than 3-5 bucks

good day again lovelies!!

2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Roxy said...

i've never seen that before! where can i get that? lol i see you on the list now! sorry about that =]

Shobe said...

my mom told me that she got this at cvs or walgreens,its really good and cheap.eheh

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