DIY:liptints using mineral makeup and lipgloss

Monday, May 11, 2009
do you have any tube gloss that you dont use anymore,and some EDM blushes that does not fit your skin tone.this is one way of putting them into use:

tools used:
pick me up(concealer)
lipgloss(any shade that will not over power the color of your EDM) that you rarely use
empty cream pots(this usually comes with spatula).bought it at watsons


1.empty the liptubes and put it in the cream pots.
2.tap the eDM and get an ample amount on the Lid(EDM) and scrape the powder until it forms one big chunk of powder in one place.(you can use the spatula)
3.then put it in the empty pots with the lipgloss using your spatula.
4.continue putting the EDM into the pots until you get your desired shade.
5.dont forget the mix mix dissolve the powder

this is what i got mixing this items together:
(left)new car smell and lancome touch by sunlight (right) juicy tubes maybelline and pick me up concealer(i used the maybelline with pick me up because they have both pink undertones.still the juicy tubes does not have thath heavy color so its okay)
here are the swatches:

lovely color of apricot and baby pink,i love the baby pink looks natural on my lips..


the consistency of the gloss remains the gritty texture.
since its in a tub and its a gloss what you can do is apply this using your typical lipgloss brush.
you can also bring lipbrush but its more easy for me to use my lipgloss brush.Since i always bring my lipgloss with me,i can also use that in this liptints..
this is a fun thing to do.
since this is a lipgloss to start with you will know the quality of the gloss,same as you first bought it.
you can use vaseline,petroleum jelly as an alternative to the gloss,but i want to get the quality of the gloss,and since lancome tube and juicy tube is a gloss to start with i used them instead of the petroluem coz i know the tint will last on my lips.


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♥ mia said...

kewl, homemade lipgloss :D

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